With over six decades of collective energy experience, TransGlobal Energy’s principals have established a strong track record of exceptional support to major industry players. Our extensive knowledge spans the entire project life cycle, equipping us with the expertise to execute tasks with utmost precision and efficiency. From green field development to construction, commissioning, turnover, and ongoing operations, our team has hands-on experience in every stage.

Our familiarity with the intricacies of the energy sector makes it so that we respond quickly to your needs while maintaining confidentiality. Unlike organizations burdened by excessive overhead costs and lengthy decision-making processes, TransGlobal Energy operates with agility and responsiveness. Moreover, we are proud to declare that our ownership structure avoids conflicts of interest, ensuring that we prioritize your success without any potential competitive bias.

Advantages To You

When our highly skilled personnel are deployed to your site, we prioritize their seamless integration into your operations. We provide comprehensive support to keep them focused on the task at hand. To attract and retain top talent, we offer our employees world-class benefits that surpass industry standards. As a result, we can confidently guarantee the performance of all our consultants.

This commitment to excellence directly translates into tangible benefits for you, including enhanced productivity and capabilities. By nurturing and supporting our team, we empower them to deliver exceptional results for your organization. We understand that by taking care of our people, they can effectively take care of your needs, ensuring your satisfaction and contributing to your bottom line.

Be Local, Worldwide

With offices in USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Egypt, we are able to fully support local payroll and recruitment activities in regions around the world.