Employee Benefits: Prioritizing Your Well-being, Every Step of the Way

Welcome to our company, where we prioritize the well-being of our employees through comprehensive benefits that empower personal and professional growth.

Imagine joining our exceptional team with the assurance of our unwavering support. We provide a solid foundation of employee benefits, including 50% coverage for major medical expenses, whether locally or on international assignments. Our comprehensive employee health insurance ensures your well-being.

Maintaining a healthy smile and clear vision is important to us. Benefit from our dental and vision insurance to preserve your oral health and visual acuity. Additionally, we offer life insurance coverage for protection against uncertainties.

Planning for your future is crucial. Take advantage of our contributory 401(k) plan for retirement savings and enjoy peace of mind. We also offer optional short-term and long-term disability insurance to safeguard against unexpected challenges.

For assignments in challenging locations, our SOS Insurance provides coverage in “hot spots,” prioritizing your safety.

Manage your benefits effortlessly through our user-friendly online service center, accessible 24/7 worldwide. Make changes, access your program, and stay informed with ease.

We offer a range of optional benefits tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We believe that happy employees are productive employees, and our benefits package reflects this belief.

Join our family-oriented company, where your well-being matters, support is unwavering, and your future is valued. Become part of our exceptional team of driven individuals, passionate dreamers, and remarkable achievers. Thrive with us!

Employee Referral Program

Earn Generous Bonuses with TGE®

Welcome to the Employee Referral Program at TGE®! We are delighted to introduce this exciting opportunity for our esteemed employees to earn a generous bonus of $1,500. Join us in our commitment to providing outstanding career prospects by participating in one of the three simple options outlined below.


Option 1: Discover Your Next Contract Job with TGE®

If you happen to come across your next contract job while currently employed with TGE®, choose to process it through our organization and receive a bonus of $1,500. To be eligible for this bonus, the contract job must have a minimum duration of 90 days and must be successfully completed.


Option 2: Choose TGE® as Your Contract Employer

In the event that you are approached directly by an Owner, EPC, A/E, OEM, or any other relevant party seeking your services on a contract basis, select TGE® as your employer for this opportunity and receive a bonus of $1,500. Similar to Option 1, the contract must have a minimum duration of 90 days and must be successfully completed


Option 3: Assist TGE® with Crucial Contract Details

Should you become aware of a contract requirement within your project, inform TGE® by providing essential details such as the client’s name and contact information, location, duration, and job specifics. Actively assist TGE® on-site with tasks such as resume presentation, and our team will reward you with a bonus of $1,500. For this option, the contract must have a minimum duration of 90 days.

Please note that the Employee Referral Program applies exclusively to professional consultant level contract positions. To qualify for the bonus, the contract must meet the minimum duration requirement of 90 days and must be successfully completed.

We highly value the contributions of our employees and recognize that your expertise and connections are invaluable to our success. The Employee Referral Program is our way of acknowledging and rewarding your efforts in supporting our growth. Thank you for being an integral part of the TGE® family, and we eagerly anticipate your continued success.