TransGlobal Energy® has chosen to provide exceptional benefits to our employees. Via our strategic Partners, TGE® can offer its employees “best in class” benefits that exceed offerings by our competitors.

Company Benefits

Our employee benefits include 50% company paid major medical on domestic US and International assignment, employee health insurance, dental, vision, & life insurance. We also offer a contributory 401(k), optional short term and long term disability insurance, SOS Insurance provided in “hot spots” plus a host of other optional benefits. All TGE® benefits are easily managed worldwide via our online service center giving you access to your benefit program 24 hours a day from any location.

Employee Referral Program

"A Players refer A Players"

In our ongoing effort to offer exceptional opportunities, TGE® has adopted an Employee Referral Program. This program offers our current employees the opportunity to earn a bonus of $1,500. All that you need to do is assist TGE® via one of the 3 options listed below.


If you find your next contract job while employed via TGE® and run it through us you will receive $1,500 (requires minimum 90 day duration and successful completion)


If you’re approached by an Owner, EPC, A/E, OEM, etc. for your services on contract, and you have not selected a company to run through. Should you select TGE® for employment concerning this opportunity, you will receive $1,500 (requires a minimum 90 day duration and successful completion)


Should you learn of a contract requirement on your project and inform TGE® of the requirement by providing client name & contact, contact phone, location, duration, job details, assist TGE® as needed on site with resume presentation, etc, and TGE® staffs the requirement…you will receive $1,500 (requires a minimum 90 day duration) The ERP applies to professional consultant level contract positions only.receive $1,500 (requires a minimum 90 day duration and successful completion)